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Last year I had a bride who was severely allergic to her flowers but didn't know until the florist arrived with her beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and six small ones for her bridal party. Within minutes, her eyes were watering, she was sneezing uncontrollably and she broke out in hives. If you are a "Spring Bride" and suffer from allergies (not just from flowers or trees) here are a few things to keep in mind before to your "walk down the aisle:" 1. Get a good night's sleep. This time of year, I always wake up congested so I have found that sleeping with a humidifier on helps keep the air and my lungs moist. A clean, dust-free environment will make your beauty rest more effective, so if you are staying in a hotel room or an Airbnb the night before your wedding, make sure to pack a humidifier or room purifier. 2. Sit in the steam room at the hotel. At least twice a week, I make a date with the steam room at my gym and sit in there for a minimum of 20 minutes. I always leave feeling better. If the hotel (or venue you are getting ready at) does not have a steam room, I recommend taking a bowl of hot water and mixing in three drops of eucalyptus essential oil, three drops of thyme essential oil, and three drops of pine essential oil, which you can find at a health food store. Create a tent over the bowl with a small towel, lean in, and deeply breathe in the soothing scent for as long as [you're] comfortable. 3. Take care of your eyes! This one is very important to me and I'm sure you can guess why. Between scratching, rubbing, puffiness, and later, tears as you walk down the aisle, your eyes take the biggest beating during a spring wedding. Make sure to use your eye drops before you start makeup and for the brides who need more than eye drops, I recommend using Yon-ka Phyto-Contour eye cream, which contains rosemary to help drain fluids from the tissue. 4. Eat right! One thing my allergist is constantly telling me is to eat foods rich in vitamins C and D, omega-3s (salmon), whole grains (quinoa), quercetin (red berries, onions, apples) and probiotics are natural immune boosters and can help lower your histamine and inflammatory levels. If you can, try and avoid processed sugar and flour, dairy, and gluten, anything you've been sensitive to in the past, which can intensify during allergy season. And don't forget to hydrate. This helps reduce symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and even redness in the skin. 5. Consult with your Doctor or an Allergist before your wedding and determine the best course of action and make sure to have non-drowsy anti-histamines, decongestants, and tissues in your bridal emergency kit.

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